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Get inspired by the 4 themes

The municipality selected 4 themes for the neighborhood budget. Get inspired by the themes and submit your plan until April 11.

1. Sports and games

Space for sports and games is essential to keep residents lively and healthy in the neighbourhood. A place where both children and adults can move freely in the open air. Do you have ideas for sport and game features in the neighbourhood? Make your ideas heard and submit your plan. Think about sports trails/routes for all ages that run through the neighbourhood, extra play equipment for adults, or suggestions to improve the existing playgrounds in the neighbourhood. All ideas for a more fun and sporty living environment are welcome.

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In this illustration you see children playing football.

2. On the street

Do you think that the outdoor areas of your neighbourhood could look better? Could it be improved by having more benches, a mural, or by painting an electrical substation? Or do you think certain things are missing from the public spaces? Maybe you know a fun way to make the neighbourhood cleaner and safer, or how to keep it that way. Then submit your plan for a cleaner, safer or prettier street!

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This illustration shows people meeting in the street

3. A greener neighbourhood

Sufficient greenery in a neighbourhood is important for an appealing and healthy living environment. Do you have a good idea to make your neighbourhood greener or more sustainable? Think about the creation of sidewalk gardens or a neighbourhood vegetable patch; or installing green roofs and rain barrels. Use your knowledge and creativity. All ideas are welcome!

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This illustration shows people gardening in a city garden

4. Meetings

A nice neighbourhood is one where many meetings and activities take place. Think about a dinner for residents, a (digital) course or a gaming session for the gamers in the neighbourhood. Or do you have an idea to help stave social isolation and loneliness? Submit your plan via Scheveningse Parkwijken Begroot!

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In this illustration you can see that people meet

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