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Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about Scheveningse Parkwijken Begroot? See if your question is answered on our FAQ page. 

If it is not, feel free to contact us.  

Why does the neighbourhood budget continue despite the corona measures?

All contact involved with Scheveningse Parkwijken Begroot takes place via the website, social media, email and the phone. Thereby, we can keep in-person contact to a minimum and continue to make the city a prettier place. It is precisely now that people are much at home that they have more attention to their surroundings.

Why do the neighbourhoods of Van Stolkpark, Zorgvliet and Wittebrug-Duttendel get a joint neighbourhood budget instead of a budget per district?

A shared neighbourhood budget was chosen because there are relatively few people living in these neighbourhoods. The process is too costly to do this separately for neighbourhoods with fewer residents.

What happens with my plan once it is uploaded to the website?

After submitting your plan, you collect as many likes as possible. You can do this until April 18. Your goal is to get fellow residents enthusiastic about your plan, for example via social media.  

If your plan has 25 likes, it will continue to the next round. During this round, the municipality, together with Wijkvereniging van Stolkpark, Wijkoverleg Zorgvliet and Wijkvereniging Duttendel Wittebrug, will examine whether the plans are feasible. The feasible plans will be published on the website on May 27.

Around May 27, all residents receive a letter with a personal voting code. With this code, the residents can vote for the plans and distribute the €50.000 neighbourhood budget. The winning plans will be announced on July 1.

I have submitted my plan, but I would like to adjust my plan. Is this possible?

As long as your plan does not yet have any likes or comments, you can still adjust it. Ensure that you log in with the email address you used to submit the plan. Only then can you adjust your plan.

Do you want to make any adjustments, but does your plan already have likes or comments? Please contact us; we will be happy to help you.

Can I share my plan for Scheveningse Parkwijken Begroot on my Facebook page, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.?

Yes, you can. On the website, go to your plan and click the ‘Deel dit plan’ button on the top-right of the page. There you will find buttons to share your plan via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and email.

You can also copy the link of the webpage of your plan and share that link with your fellow neighbourhood residents.

Will my plan disappear if I do not reach enough likes by April 18?

No. Your plan will remain on our website. It will be included in the archive of all submitted ideas, which we will use to inspire others. On September 1, 2021 (two months after the publication of the winning plans), the names of everyone who submitted a plan will be made anonymous.

Am I allowed to like my own plan?

Yes, you are allowed to like your own plan once.

Why do I need 25 likes for my plan to progress to the next round?

The municipality considers it important to know whether other residents also think the plan is a good idea. That is why we ask them to respond to the plans. This can be done by liking a plan and by giving arguments for and against it. The arguments and likes give us a picture of what the neighbourhood residents think of the plans.

Can I like a plan without providing arguments?

Yes, you can! However, it is better to explain your vote. This way, other residents can better understand your vote and better make their own decision.

I made a mistake and want to change my opinion. Can I still change my like and argument?

Yes, you can! By clicking the voting button ‘voor’ again, you can delete your like. After you have submitted an argument, you can edit or delete it via the icons in the top-right corner.

I am not a resident of the Scheveningse Parkwijken, but I would like to submit a plan. Is this possible?

Yes, everyone can submit a plan. This also applies if you, for example, work or go to school in Scheveningse Parkwijken but do not live there. However, to like a plan or to distribute money, you have to live in Van Stolkpark, Zorgvliet, or Wittebrug-Duttendel.

Can I like a plan or distribute money if I do not live in the Scheveningse Parkwijken?

No, unfortunately not. Only residents from the Scheveningse Parkwijken age 12 years and up can like a plan and distribute money amongst the plans.

I want to submit a plan for a different neighbourhood in the district of Scheveningen. Is this possible?

Great to hear that you are enthusiastic about Scheveningse Parkwijken Begroot. So are we! All other neighbourhoods in the district of Scheveningen have already received a neighbourhood budget. At the moment, we are looking at how we are going to continue with the neighbourhood budgets.

Apart from the neighbourhood budget, we will be happy to help you with your plan. We can see whether the execution of your plan is feasible and whether it is eligible for an activity subsidy.

Why do I not need a password?

For the purpose of user-friendliness, the website does not use passwords. You do not need to remember a password to access the website. Additionally, we find it much safer not to store the passwords of our visitors. In this way, we can best guarantee your privacy.

How safe is this website?

Scheveningse Parkwijken Begroot is taking measures to restrict the misuse of- and unauthorized access to personal information. Do you want to know more about privacy and the protection of personal information? Please read our privacy statement.

Why is the registration link valid for only 48 hours?

For your own security, the link you received via email is only valid for 48 hours. After you have registered, our server will recognize that it is you every time you log in.

The site is not functioning properly. Where can I report this?

We are sorry to hear that the website is not functioning properly. We want to resolve this quickly. Please contact us about the issue. Give a brief explanation of what goes wrong and possibly the link to the page. We will then try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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